A Good Deed (AmeChu)
This is an america/china fanfic. Hooray.

Rating: PG-13(mentions of sex/ sexual themes)
Characters/Pairings: America/China, hints of PolLiet, GerIta, and USUK. other characters metioned

China stirred in his silk-lined canopy bed, vaguely reaching the edges of consciousness. He turned over slightly, letting out a sigh as opened his eyes.

But something was off…there was a weight on the other side of his bed.

He immediately stiffened. What had happened last night? Who had he...? But that didn’t make any sense. He was full clothed in his pajamas, and, now that China thought about it, he hadn’t had any alcohol last night either. Nor did he feel any effects of a hangover. China closed his eyes, hoping that the sounds of deep breathing would just go away. A large part of him was afraid what he would see if he turned around.
A small part of him, however, was confused, and almost curious. We obviously didn’t have sex… He reasoned. But still his he made himself stay facing the wall, frozen in fear.

What if it’s Russia? That creepy bastard could have snuck into his bed right after the party! The panic building up inside China suddenly broke out at the thought, and he twisted around to throw off the covers, and knock the who-ever-it-was out of his bed.

But just as he was about to do so, he noticed something on his nightstand he hadn’t before. He paused in his sudden act of who-ever-it-was-flinging, and instead propped himself up into a sitting position. He picked the pair of glasses off the nightstand, and turned to look beside him, now confident in the suspicions of who he would find there.

Sure enough, America was sleeping peacefully on the other side of the bed. He didn’t know it, but he was now safe from being rudely ejected from it. China leaned back against the headboard, his feelings of rage subsided.

Of course he had let America stay for the night. It was his own paranoia making him think anything different. America had insisted on bringing a horror movie to the party last night, and had been too terrified to go home.

* * *

As they watched the movie, Japan muttered something about returning home early, and slipped out the back. It was almost as if he had some prior knowledge on the subject of America and horror movies. After it was done, America didn’t seem to want to participate in the party anymore. He jumped at small noises, and refused to be left alone in any room. China hadn’t thought it would be that big a problem.

Unfortunately, near the end of the party, America spoke from a chair he was curled tightly into a ball in. “Can- can I come how with one of you guys tonight?” he asked, looking around the room hopefully. Several other nations took this as their cue to leave. Nobody liked the prospect of letting America into their house, and it seemed unlikely he could be deterred from it. China, grasping this, searched around desperately for someone to take the burden.

Spotting Britain, he grabbed his arm as tried to go. “You take him,” China demanded as Britain hastily put on his coat.

“I’m not taking the bloody git!” Britain yelled back. And with that, he strutted out the door.

Damn Liu mang, China thought. I bet if I got you drunk, you’d be happy to take him off my hands.

China made his way back to the main room and searched around for any other possible candidates. He ruled out Russia and France immediately; even someone as crazy as America wouldn’t dare fall asleep while they were near. Growing more fraught, China made his way through the crowd, who were nervously laughing in an attempt to disguise the fact that they were fleeing the scene.

China spotted a tense, brown haired man leaning against the wall looking around for someone. What was his name? Lithuania? He’s America’s friend, right?

“Hey, Lithuania!” The man froze like a dear caught in the headlights. “Would you mind letting America sleep at your house tonight?” China asked, striding up to him.

“Umm...” was all he said for several seconds, a panicked expression on his face. It looked like he might remain that way until hell froze over. But a blonde suddenly appeared at China’s side with his hand on his hips.
“It’s like, your party, so it’s your problem.”

“C’mon,” he said, this time speaking to Lithuania. He strutted away, and Lithuania seemed grateful to follow.

China looked around, and everyone in the party was almost gone. With a sinking feeling, he watched them trickle away back to their homes. The last to go was Germany, who stepped out the front door with a cheerful Italy trailing behind him.

Now the only people left in the house were China and the still chair-nestled America. America was looking around the empty room, as though surprised at how much people really didn’t want to be with him. He turned to China with a half puppy-dog smile on his lips, and a pair of sad, hopeful eyes.

“Hey China, do you think I could maybe…”

China let forth a heavy sigh and sank into a Quing-style armchair.

America was busy putting on an old T-shirt when China came around the corner carrying a pile of blankets. America’s hair was now slightly tousled from pulling it over his head, giving him a look that he had already had a good nights sleep.

“I suppose there’s no use trying to convince you to go to your own home, aru?” China questioned dropping the blankets onto a spare pillow.
“No way dude,” America retorted, running his hand through his hair. This happened to return it to its usual state of messiness. “Do you want the ghosts from the movie come after me in the middle of the night? They would like, eat me or something. It’s not as scary as long as you have someone around.”

China grunted and began arranging the blankets onto the couch.

“Wake up by 7:00, aru,” China said without looking up “No yelling in the middle of the night, no taking anything from the cupboards without my permission, and absolutely no coming into my room.”

“I can’t sleep on the couch,” America stated bluntly.

“What, aru?”

“I can’t sleep on the couch. If I wanted to sleep on a couch, there’s one at home I could use just fine,” America repeated.

China stared blankly at him for a few seconds. “No,” he said turning back to the blankets that seemed to refuse to be organized.

“Oh, come on China! Please?”

“I said no, aru.”

“But I can’t sleep alone. The ghosts will get me,” America whined. China avoided looking at him, instead focusing on the task in front of him. He knew what he would find if he looked around; a puppy-dog eyed America, with a pleading expression and an iron will.

“Please China? Let me sleep in you room…”

China looked around. Sure enough, there was America, sad as ever. But, all in all, he did look rather terrified. China realized for a moment that it must have hurt his pride rather badly to ask for help.

“Fine aru. But don’t snore.”

America burst into a huge grin, pleased in the knowledge that the ghost wouldn’t be getting him tonight.

America shifted on the other side of the bed.

China wished he wouldn’t move around so much. It was very difficult to sleep when there was some one next to you wiggling around like a newborn tiger cub. He sighed, staring up into the darkness of the room, and listened to the sound of crickets outside.

“Hey China, are you still awake?” America said aloud.

China groaned internally. He closed his eyes, pretending not to hear.

“Hey China, are you still awake?” he said louder this time.

Just leave me alone, Báichī. China thought, scrunching up his face and wishing even more that he were asleep.

“Hey China, are you still-”

“Yes I’m awake, aru!” China snapped.

There was only silence on the other side of the bed. For a while, America said nothing, and there was only the sound of breathing and crickets in the night. China lost his patience.

“Was there something you were going to ask me, aru?”

“What?” America answered. “Oh right. Yeah, I was just going to, you know, thank you.”

China was surprised, and simply muttered back “Oh.”

“When I said I was scared, everyone else got up and left,” America continued. “But you didn’t. You stuck around, and let me stay over.”

“I didn’t want to,” China cut in.

“I know, but you did anyway. And because of that, I guess I’m grateful.’

‘Toa chie,” he finished.

China listened to the breathing, slowing down, and waited until he was sure America was asleep.

“You’re welcome,” China answered.

* * *

China relaxed in the morning sunlight thinking about the night before. America had meant it when he said thank you, and China really didn’t know how to feel about that. And for once, he was glad he had decided to do the small act of kindness, no matter how grudgingly. America snorted, making China jump. He had been so immersed he had almost forgotten that the other nation was there. His blue eyes flickered open and spotted China looking at him. America yawned, and extended his arms in a full drawn out stretch. He then rolled out of bed. Literally. And toke most of the bed sheets with him, and hitting the ground with a loud twumnp.

China leaped in surprise, and crawled over to the other side of the bed to look down.

“Are you okay, aru?” China called out.

“Yeah, I’m good.” America was looking up at the ceiling as though he were seeing it for the first time. “I wake up every morning like this. It helps you to make sure your really awake, and not just dreaming your waking up.”

“I see…”

America was looking up again. He let forth another yawn. China assumed this meant he had safely concluded that he was, in fact, awake. America propped himself onto an elbow, and turned his attention to China. He seemed to be thinking, and China deeply hoped it wasn’t about something stupid.

“Hey, I know! I’ll make breakfast!” He nearly shouted with insight.

That was not what China had been expecting. It certainly didn’t seem like a very America thing to offer. “I would prefer not to have hamburgers for breakfast, aru.”

America laughed, and his laugh was so filled with stupid happiness, it made China smile despite himself.

“No, I’ll make you a true American breakfast. It’d be awesome, with piles of flapjacks, and hash browns, and butter and stuff. You’ll love it!”
He struggled to get off the floor in his enthusiasm to prove just how awesome a true American breakfast was. His struggling was further increased by the bed sheets, which had wrapped themselves around him. He moved out of the room, and sauntered down the hall to the kitchen. China stayed in bed, thinking how strange Americans could be sometimes.

Americas voice floated from the other side of the house. “Hey China, where do you keep your frying pans?”

China allowed himself a small chuckle, and got up to help a hero make some flapjacks.

Writer's Block: I wanna be just like you
Was there ever a fictional character who you admired so much that you strived to be like him or her?

Shawn Spencer from Psych.

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An Elephant. Puppy-sized elephant FTW!


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